Friday, August 8, 2014

Caleb is ONE!

Wow. This was the fastest year of my life, by far. My baby boy isn't really a baby anymore.
We celebrated Caleb's first birthday this weekend with friends and family. It was a great party! Lots of kids, food and games. We even had a gelato bar which was a huge hit.

Caleb has his one-year doctor's check-up on Aug. 12, so I'm not sure of his height and weight at this point. He is wearing mostly 18-month clothing, and is down to 1 nap each day. He started walking at 11 months and hasn't slowed down since! This is a very fun age.

He is still nursing about 3 times during the day and a couple of times over night. I hope to start the weaning process soon, but won't push it until he's ready. He's DEFINITELY not ready yet.

Here are some photos of his party, courtesy of photographer Rich Chapman.

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