Friday, April 26, 2013

Hannah, 17 months

Every day, Hannah seems more and more like a toddler than a baby to me. She knows exactly what we are saying and can communicate with us pretty easily. She still only says a few words (Hi, bye, dada, mama, yeah) but we are working on it. For things she can't say, she'll point or gesture until we understand.

She expresses her opinion very clearly when she wants or doesn't want something and has mastered the temper tantrum. She mostly throws them when she doesn't get her way, which happens often. She's not into eating these days so if I try to get her to eat, she normally will scream and cry and throw herself on the ground kicking and punching. It's been a trying month for us!

What we've been up to

Earlier this month we took Hannah on a short trip to Delaware for Nathan's grandmother's funeral. It wasn't easy taking a toddler on an airplane, but we are all glad we went. My father-in-law's family had never met Hannah before and they were all thrilled to see her.

The weather here has been cold until today, so we haven't been able to do very much outside. Now that it appears spring has finally arrived, we look forward to going to the parks, zoos and lakes more often.

Some 17-month stats 

Favorite foods: Pickles, dried apricots, yogurt (sometimes), macaroni and cheese
Clothing size: Just about to outgrow 18 month clothes, fits well into 18-24 month sizes
Shoe size: 5.5
Number of teeth: 6. Four on top, 2 on the bottom.
Major accidents: 1. she fell out of the highchair face first onto the hardwood floor last week. Luckily, she was just a little scraped and bruised with no major injuries.

Here are some photos of her recently to enjoy.

 At the park on a rare sunny day last week. 
Nap time! I love how cute she looks while she sleeps.  
 One of her favorite outdoor push toys. She likes to ride or push this down the sidewalk. 
 Her face after the highchair fall. 
 In Delaware at Mary Delack's funeral. 
 With the Easter Bunny. She LOVES characters dressed up and couldn't get enough of him. 
 At a Barrington park. 
 Pushing her car through the neighborhood. 
 In the tub. 
Relaxing on the couch.