Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hannah's Eats

Some people have shown interest in what solid foods Hannah is eating these days, so I thought I'd join the moms who blog about their kid's meals through Munchkin Meals and show what her daily food intake looks like.


She must be going through a growth spurt. She's never been much of a morning eater, but lately she can't get enough. Yesterday morning she ate an entire container of Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt plus some cereal puffs.

Hannah does have a milk sensitivity so I have to be careful about how many dairy products she is eating. Yogurt is the most easily digestible cow's milk product (so I've heard) and she does well on it. I also like how there are 100 calories per 4 oz container and 5 grams of protein. She likes to alternate between a bite of yogurt and a bite of a puff! 


Talk about a hungry hippo! She devoured a 4 oz. container of carrots and 2 oz of baby oatmeal. 

Hannah is a weird baby. I do have a baby food maker (Baby Brezza by Williams Sonoma) and use it often, but there are some foods that she just won't eat if I make it myself. It must be a texture thing. Carrots are one of those items. I don't mind feeding her organic jarred food at all. It's all organic and just as healthy for her as anything I'd make myself. As long as she'll eat it, I don't care who makes it! 


She didn't eat as well for dinner, but still ate a fair amount. She had most of a container of organic turkey, peas and wild rice plus about 1 oz of peaches. 

Hannah loves peas, but once again, she won't eat them if I make them for her myself. I think mine are too chunky? or not watery enough for her? Who knows! 

There you have Hannah's meals for Wednesday! 


  1. I call my little one a "hungry hungry hippo" sometimes :) gotta love the 80s!

  2. Hi, I came over from Brittany's blog. My son is 7 months old, too, but wants no part of eating solids!