Sunday, December 23, 2012

Photos From Hannah's 1st Birthday Party

We hired a professional photographer to take pictures at Hannah's birthday party last month. I'm very glad we did! He captured the day so well and we will always have these photos to cherish. 

We've only seen a handful so far and there are more to come. For now, here are a few to enjoy for those of you who couldn't make it.

We ordered her cake from a cute shop nearby. It was tasty and looked great! I got the Hannah candles at Party City. 

We decorated her high chair with 1st birthday decor. She loved the pizza we had for dinner. 

She got her own cupcake to eat, but when she saw everyone staring at her she burst into tears and didn't eat even one bite! 

A better shot of the cake, and the mini-cupcakes we ordered. 

Hannah and Nate's mom. She wants to be called "Mimi"

We had some help blowing out the candles from all of the little girls at the party. 

A family photo when the night was over. 

Hannah looking at Grandpa David's balloon hat. We also hired a balloon twister to keep the kids entertained. She was a big hit. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hannah Stands, Waves

Hannah has reached a new milestone. She just started standing unassisted. Walking is probably only days away. She's such a big girl! We managed to catch some of her cuteness on video for you all to enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 Months Old

Hannah is now 10 months old! I'm a little bit late posting this update. Hannah is so active these days that it's hard to find a spare moment to write these posts.

Not much has changed since her 9 month update. She's still crawling everywhere and never stops moving! The only time she sits still is when she's asleep. That makes for one tired mama! Her new favorite thing is to climb up he stairs and crawl into her bathroom. She loves taking her bath toys and throwing them in and out of the tub.

She is a very happy girl and is always laughing and smiling. Although we do have our challenges! She still doesn't sleep through the night and it's pretty hard to get her to take a nap these days. She also won't eat anything but bagels, shredded cheese, crackers and cheerios. Sometimes I can get her to eat fruit and veggie purées but that doesnt always happen.

We didn't take any trips this month, but will be heading to Florida at the end if October. We are looking forward to that!

We took Hannah to the pumpkin patch a couple of weeks ago and she loved it! She loved touching all the pumpkins and had a blast.

Here are some photos of her between 9 and 10 months old.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

9 Months Old

Hannah is now 9 months old!

A lot has happened this month! She came down with her first illness, cut her first tooth, had her Hebrew Baby Naming and Christian Blessing Ceremony and took a weekend vacation to Michigan.


About a week after returning from our trip to Pittsburgh at the end of July, she came down with her first illness. It was miserable for all of us. She had some sort of gastrointestinal virus that lingered for about six days. Vomiting, diarrhea, the whole nine yards.

A few days after she finally recovered from that, her very first tooth started to come in, causing some pain. She was up screaming her head off for two nights in a row. On top of that, I think she has seasonal allergies and has had a stuffy nose now for a week. I don't think she feels sick, just stuffy. Too bad babies don't know how to blow their noses, it would make things easier!

Despite being sick, she still had a fun time playing! It's getting harder and harder to get her to look at the camera these days. She's too into everything else.

Needless to say, we've had some rough nights over the past month between illnesses, allergies and teething. Here's hoping she's back to normal soon!

Baby Naming/Blessing

Hannah had her Hebrew Baby Naming Ceremony and Christian Blessing on Aug. 18. It was a very beautiful ceremony and incorporated both religious aspects equally.

We were all happy with how it turned out. I only took one picture and it was before the ceremony actually happened. I'm waiting on more from my father-in-law, and will share when I have them!

Trip to Michigan

On Aug. 19 I took Hannah with me to New Buffalo, Michigan to stay with some friends. New Buffalo is a beach town on the coast of Lake Michigan. It's only two hours from our home, so it was an easy drive.

A friend of mine was renting a house in New Buffalo for two weeks and invited a handful of people to join her family during that time. We stayed for two nights and had a great time. She has two kids of her own, one of whom I used to babysit, so It was great to see everyone. Her youngest is 13 months old and Hannah loved interacting with him. It was a relaxing getaway!

Here are some beach pics!

My friend's baby, Mac

 Hannah and me at the beach

Very pretty landscape! 

Taking in the atmosphere.

Doctor's Visit

She did have a check-up with the pediatrician when she turned nine months old. She is now 30 inches tall (Beyond the 100th percentile in terms of!) and she weighs 18 pounds, 6 ounces which puts her in the 25th percentile for weight.

She's meeting all of her developmental milestones! She's now pulling up on everything she can get her hands on. She's an extremely fast crawler and will get into pretty much every shelf or cabinet in her reach. It's much harder taking care of her now that she's so mobile. Long gone are the days that I could lie her down next to me and she wouldn't move.

She has had a cyst on her neck since birth that the doctor is now asking that we get checked out. It's likely no big deal, but she just wants to be sure. She's having an ultrasound next week and then we'll see a dermatologist to talk about removing it. I'm hoping it's just something minor and we can take care of it quickly.

Here are some photos of Hannah from 8-9 months.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Feeding Herself

Hannah has always loved solid food, but has never really fed anything to herself. Just this week, she mastered the pincer grip and is able to hold on to cereal pieces or small bits of food on her tray. She shovels food into her mouth now!

She still takes purees from a spoon and loves mostly everything I've fed her. She has a harder time grabbing small pieces of food like banana or cooked carrot. The slippery texture is tougher for her to hang on to than the cereal pieces. She also prefers to chew the crunchy stuff!

Here's a video of Hannah feeding herself a mixture of cheerios and cereal puffs for breakfast this morning!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

8 Month Update

I'm a little bit late in posting this update. Life has been busy lately, so I apologize!

Hannah turned 8 months old on July 26. A lot has changed since our 7 month update.

In just four short weeks, Hannah went from just learning how to sit up by herself to full out crawling. She's extremely mobile now and crawls all over the house with ease. Yesterday, she also learned how to pull up to a standing position. She's only done that a couple of times, but I'm sure she'll be pulling things off of shelves in no time.

Hannah is more like a little girl than a baby now. My baby is growing up QUICKLY! Here are some photos from her 8 month birthday.

Hannah went on her first plane ride last weekend. She went with my parents and me to Pittsburgh while I attended the wedding of a friend. She was a breeze to fly with and didn't cry once on either flight. Everyone was commenting on what a happy, content baby she was. I was very proud! She did pretty well in the hotel, too. I'm really relieved that all went well. We have two big trips planned for the end of the year, and I'm not at all nervous to take her with us now. 

 Here she is playing on the floor of the airport while waiting for our plane to Pittsburgh. 
 Grandma Becky was a big help to me while we were gone. I'm very glad Hannah loves her and has no problem being with her for long periods of time. 

She was so pooped from her adventures that she slept the whole plane ride home. What a trooper! We were lucky that the airline had spare seats on both flights. They let us put her in the car seat next to me which made things very easy.

We've also spent a lot of time at the pool lately. When the temperatures are around 100 degrees,  it's the only outdoor activity I can do with her outside. She loves to splash and kick in the water. She's definitely not afraid of it!

 Crawling on the grass at the pool. 
 Sticking her tongue out for the camera. 
She's ready to go back in the water now! 

This age has been so much fun. I can't wait to see what the next month will bring! 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hannah's First Word

I've been trying to teach Hannah how to say "mama" for a while now. She does say it occasionally, but I finally got it on camera. Too cute!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hannah's Eats

Some people have shown interest in what solid foods Hannah is eating these days, so I thought I'd join the moms who blog about their kid's meals through Munchkin Meals and show what her daily food intake looks like.


She must be going through a growth spurt. She's never been much of a morning eater, but lately she can't get enough. Yesterday morning she ate an entire container of Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt plus some cereal puffs.

Hannah does have a milk sensitivity so I have to be careful about how many dairy products she is eating. Yogurt is the most easily digestible cow's milk product (so I've heard) and she does well on it. I also like how there are 100 calories per 4 oz container and 5 grams of protein. She likes to alternate between a bite of yogurt and a bite of a puff! 


Talk about a hungry hippo! She devoured a 4 oz. container of carrots and 2 oz of baby oatmeal. 

Hannah is a weird baby. I do have a baby food maker (Baby Brezza by Williams Sonoma) and use it often, but there are some foods that she just won't eat if I make it myself. It must be a texture thing. Carrots are one of those items. I don't mind feeding her organic jarred food at all. It's all organic and just as healthy for her as anything I'd make myself. As long as she'll eat it, I don't care who makes it! 


She didn't eat as well for dinner, but still ate a fair amount. She had most of a container of organic turkey, peas and wild rice plus about 1 oz of peaches. 

Hannah loves peas, but once again, she won't eat them if I make them for her myself. I think mine are too chunky? or not watery enough for her? Who knows! 

There you have Hannah's meals for Wednesday! 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

7 Months Old

Well, another month has passed and our girl is now 7 months old. I know every parent says this, but time really does fly!

Hannah won't go to the pediatrician for another check-up until she's 9 months old, so I'm not sure of her weight and height right now. However, here are some of the things she's been up to since May!

  • She still loves the exersaucer. It's her favorite thing on earth. She could play in it for hours and never get bored. 
  • She is sitting up! Hannah started sitting up by herself at about 6.5 months old. It really just happened out of the blue one day, but we were so excited about it! She can sit for 10 minutes or longer and be content as long as she has a toy to keep her occupied. 
  • She has figured out how to get up on all fours. She rocks back and forth, but hasn't quite learned how to crawl forward yet. She started doing this at about the same time she learned how to sit up. I'm pretty sure crawling is right around the corner. 
  • Hannah still doesn't have any teeth. I thought FOR SURE she would have some by now, but nothing has popped through. I don't see any that are making their way up, either. We might not see any for a while. 
  • She is still in size 3 diapers and wearing 9 month clothes. 
  • She isn't a good sleeper, and never has been, but things are improving. She'll generally go to bed around 8 p.m. and sleep for 4-5 hours before crying and wanting to eat. Once she eats, she will go back down for 2 hours or so, and will cry again. At this point, we typically put her in bed with us seeing as it's around 4 a.m. and we all need some sleep. She may fuss a little bit around 5, but usually she'll sleep in our bed until she's up for the day between 6:30 and 7 a.m. 
This summer is pretty busy for us, and Hannah is taking two plane trips in July. Her first trip will be to Colorado for the wedding of our friends Adam and Lisa. We leave for that on June 30. Nate's parents are coming with us to babysit while we are at the wedding. I'm very nervous about the entire thing, but I'm also looking forward to seeing our friends get married and enjoying Colorado Springs!

On July 27, Hannah will be flying to Pittsburgh with me for a college friend's wedding. My parents will be coming with me and Nate will be staying behind to work. She'll be a seasoned flyer in no time!